True Life: I’m a Hofstra Journalism Student

This blog would be from the perspective of a current Hofstra University student with a major in Journalism.  It would help students optimize the opportunities that Hofstra provides by publicizing them in a single place. This blog will provide information to journalism students and give them the tools to immerse themselves in the media industry. There is no other blog that ties all of the following factors into ONE website where Hofstra students can go if they want to better themselves as young journalists.

The blog would include:

Events on Campus: The blog would be updated with School of Communication events (Ex. Week without the Web, Career Fair) as well as events being organized by School of Communication clubs such as The Hofstra Chronicle, Ed2010 Hofstra Chapter, Pulse Magazine, Nexus Yearbook, etc. Photos and videos of the events will be posted for students who could not make it.

Advice: The blog would include advice on how to get involved in various on-campus media clubs, tips on writing articles, and links to helpful websites such as AP Style and New York Times. It would also include quotes from professors on video giving one-sentence advice to journalism students.

Internships/Whisper Jobs: The blog would list media internships based on Long Island and in New York City. These would be formatted as links to internship postings on websites such as

Media Scholarships: School is expensive, plain and simple. This blog would include links to scholarship programs from within Hofstra’s School of Communication, as well as private fellowships.

Each blog entry would include key words and posted to Twitter and Facebook in order to maximize page views.