During summer 2011, Hofstra University and Lackmann invested over $2 million combined in renovations throughout campus. Two eateries, three residential buildings, a computer lab and a game room were all completely revamped to include the highest standards of technology and innovation.

The eatery formerly known as Kate and Willy’s was renamed Hof USA and features several new additions. Included in the renovation plans was to create a place where students can come to hang out, even if they aren’t necessarily eating. The site includes several pool tables, a game room stocked with free arcade games like “Dance Dance Revolution,” countless new seating options and a brand new menu. The new Hof USA has been an extremely popular meeting place on campus ever since its reopening last week. Attached to Hof USA is Dutch Treats, Hofstra’s only 24-hour convenience store. Dutch Treats now features more aisles and food options for students. Both Hof USA and Dutch Treats were completely repainted.

Hofstra’s Game Room, located under the Student Center, was also renovated this summer. This site, which has been lacking in popularity over the past several years, has taken on a completely new look. Additions to the room include several flat screen televisions, new pool tables, an air hockey table and three high-tech video game centers. Ever since the renovations to the game room, dozens of students can be found there at any given time.

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