Audio Journalism


  • presence-bring readers to the scene
  • emotion-ability to show emotion through your voice
  • atmosphere-natural sound is necessary

How News Organizations Use Audio

  • Reporter overview-simple, accompanies a photo or story
  • voice over (slide show)

Audio Reporting Tips

  • make your script clear
  • be yourself
  • record your item in interesting places
  • keep clips short
  • use man on the street interviews
  • use music
  • use sound effects
  • solid finish
  • get lots of different angles

Tips for equipment

  • check to make sure equipment works beforehand
  • mark where important things are said on time

Tips for recording voice

  • slow down
  • pretend you are talking to one specific person

Recording Audio Interviews

  • choose location
  • gather natural sound
  • prepare interview subject
  • watch what you say
  • mark the best spots

Recording Voiceovers

  • write a script
  • warm up
  • find operative words
  • write to video if it’s there
  • hit your spots

Podcast Basics

  • radio show on the web
  • get a real microphone
  • prepare, but don’t script
  • reduce background noise
  • stay consistent and find your audience

How to end a story?

  • inverted pyramid-important stuff first
  • bring batteries
  • ask people if yo