Video Journalism

  • doesn’t have to be generic
  • putting video on a digital medium

Things to keep in mind

  • news videos must tell a story
  • a news update or news desk broadcast is different from a news story/video
  • opening and closing are important

Advantages of using video

  • compliments text and photos
  • keeps it fresh, clean and adds depth
  • can tell the story by itself
  • adds multimedia element
  • can use content for future stories

Video Tip Sheet

  • use different methods for different stories
  • use voiceovers, on-camera techniques, different angles, etc
  • vary and mix your shots
  • get more than enough material

Building a Five Shot Sequence

  • close up on the hands
  • close up on the face
  • wide shot
  • over the shoulder shot
  • creative shot
  • mix these up and you have a varied, constructive new piece

Adding Voice to Video

  • Voiceovers–easy to make piece with simple software
  • Learn effective video interviewing-mnake interviewee feel comfortable, plan ahead, don’t ask longwinded questions

Shooting Good Video

  • focus, zoom, exposure
  • be selective in shooting, but get many clips
  • avoid panning and zooming
  • be silent when you shoot
  • framing/composing: follow rule of thirds
  • get good audio- use external mic if possible

Lessons in Digital Story Telling

  • define story in first 20 seconds
  • make sure you have intro/middle/end
  • don’t let your viewer have chance to be bored
  • focus on one central idea and stick to it
  • remember, characters make stories – the better they are, the better the story

Producing Video for Web

  • start small
  • remember storage capacity for your site’s CMS
  • don’t be afraid to shoot enough footage for multiple files
  • understand your platform and requirements for your editors…i.e. Patch intro/closer/lower thirds, 200mb etc.