• Graphics that use visual representations of info, data, etc.
  • present complex information quickly and clearly
  • Infographics can make information for accessible and more enjoyable
  • They can be viral, with potential to drive traffic and interest
  • adds a relatively new multimedia effect that has only reached the cusp of digital journalism


1. Be concise

2. be creative

3. be self-explanatory

4. be relevant

5. be transparent

6. be different

7. Be accurate

8. Say something: your infographic should convey a message

9. Be judicious: not every stroy warrants an infographic

10. Copy edit

Data Driven Journalism

  • employee salaries
  • test scores
  • all data items that can be listed with substantial meaning
  • you can tell stories with data
  • build an interactive map


  • make it manageable
  • break down the data
  • keep it simple
  • join datasets together

Data in Journalism

  • Make sure your sources are accurate
  • Where did you get that data?
  • Polls and surveys can be conducted to create data from thin air, and this can be a story.
  • After you have said data, it’s up to you, the multimedia journalist, to figure out how to use it.
  • graphic