Journalism Job Market

What to do before graduation SPJ list.

  • Make a business card
  • Create resume
  • make an online potfolio
  • get on linked in
  • create your brand
  • save your clips
  • publish in professional publications
  • Google Yourself
  • Learn Technology (edit, shoot photos, social media)
  • network
  • follow the top news outlets

How to prepare for a journalism career

  • Always try to be the hardest worker you know
  • What will people say wow about?

Landing the Internship

  • Prepare: update/edit your resume and cover letter
  • Target: Where do you want to apply? Make a list. Apply to a lot.
  • Apply: Four-month lead time…don’t wait until May for a summer internship.
  • Interview: If you get called in, that’s a good thing. You need to look presentable, speak clearly, do not show any signs of nervousness and come prepared with understanding of the company you might intern at shortly.

How do I market myself?

  • Create a Twitter feed that you can list on your resume
  • Open a LinkedIn account
  • Create a digital portfolio