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In the past few years, journalism has taken on a whole new persona. Newspapers are slowly fading, while social media has become the clear front runner in the never ending race of breaking the news. As a student journalist, I am eager to get even more involved in this transformation.

My goal for JRNL 80 is to be able to report on a story using every multimedia element imaginable. I want to gain the knowledge of how to write a story while simultaneously shooting photos and videos. Reporters must be able to do all three now, and I want to be ahead of the game. I would also like to learn about social media outlets other than the “big three” of Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. If I learned more about sites like Storify, Instapaper and Twitscoop, I would have the ability to gain knowledge of important stories quickly and from a wide range of sources. I also think that setting up Google Reader has already become helpful to me in my research. My goal is to add more links to my Reader and be able to get the exact information I want instantly. If I get well-versed in these sites, I will be able to potentially teach future employers things about the internet that they may not even know. It would be great to be able to impress someone on an interview with my vast knowledge of social media. I would also love to develop my portfolio blogs, Tumblr and WordPress, so they will be go-to sites to show off my journalism work. Developing knowledge of Search Engine Optimization would be helpful for my blog because I want people who Google my name to see the blog first and know that I am a professional journalist who means business.