Long Island Report has a lot of room for improvement. This news organization uses a few social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter, but it hasn’t fully taken advantage of all the web has to offer, because there are so many other ways to get and engage readers.

On Facebook, Long Island Report has 40 “likes.” With about 12,000 students at this university, it’s disappointing that more people  haven’t been attuned to a local news outlet that is comprised completely of Hofstra journalists. It appears that the lack readership of LI Report could be attributed its low social media usage. In the fall, the page was updated every few days with new stories. During Hofstra’s winter break there were no stories. Even though some of the journalists were on vacation, the news should never stop. So far this spring, the site had only been updated twice. Unlike the Facebook page’s of larger news organizations, LI Report’s page is not being  used for conversation with the readers at all. The entire Facebook is devoted to posting links to stories, without even attaching a description of the link. Instead, the journalists of Long Island report should be frequently asking questions to its followers through Facebook polls. They could also attach a question when posting a story such as, “New vegetarian restaurant in Seaford. Do you think there are enough vegetarian options on Long Island?” One good thing Long Island Report has done to spread the word of stories is post links to certain articles on Facebook page’s that are relevant. For example, they posted the link to a wind energy story on “Renewable Energy on Long Island’s” wall. This helps get people who really care about certain topics to turn to Long Island Report for news. Long Island Report should be more active about “liking” pages of Long Island businesses and people to catch the attention of potential new readers.

Long Island Report does not have a Google + account. This news outlet should definitely be using Google+ because it will improve their Search Engine Optimization. LI Report should connect with fellow journalists, Hofstra students and Long Island local businesses so that people who have a direct connection to Long Island will look further into their main site. It’s important to add people who will be interested in looking at the site because they live on Long Island and/or have money invested in a business here.

(photo credit: dipity.com)