Students play Quidditch at Hofstra

With so many sweets and treats available at Hofstra, it’s sometimes hard to stay physically fit. However, there are many opportunities at to exercise and eat right. I created a Soundslide presentation outlining a fitness plan.

No one wants to go back during the summer and be “that person” who gained the freshman, sophomore or even junior 15. This plan includes eating right and purchasing healthy food for every meal. For breakfast, visit the Omelet Pan in the Student Center for an egg white omelet. Craving some crunch? Grab an apple located on the bottom shelves near the fruit juice. For lunch or dinner, Hofstra has salad bars on both the north and south sides of campus.

In addition to eating right, you’ll need to exercise as well to truly lead a healthy lifestyle. If you don’t like to work out alone, join a club sport. If you prefer running inside, head over to the newly renovated fitness center. There are countless opportunities to stay fit at Hofstra right under your nose, so be sure to take advantage of them today!