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“Keep Calm” Program, a set on Flickr.

Hours before gluing themselves to their computers to register for their sophomore year at Hofstra University, 15 first year students gathered outside their home for a stress relief program sponsored by the Office of Residential Programs.

Keep Calm,” a leadership program for the residents of the Orange House residential building, occurred on Sunday, March 25.

The event included hop scotch, a game of “Talk and Spit” and creating stress reliever balls.

“I think this program is really important especially during midterms because we’re all really stressed out about tests,” said Louis Naimoli, 18, a freshman and resident of Orange House at Hofstra. “Having a stress reliever is a good way to get our minds off of work for a few hours.”

Orange House is a “leadership” themed residential hall, so the resident assistants are required to host five leadership programs each semester.

Steve Morin, and Chelsea Tirrell, 20, the resident assistants of Orange House, planned for the event to be about meditative activities like drawing with chalk. During a game of “Talk and Spit,” freshmen tried to make each other laugh and spit out water all over the sidewalk.

“We didn’t have an extremely structured program so the kids kind of took it and made it their own,” said Morin.

The intention of the event was to make stress reliever balls, but the result was an all out, no mercy flour war.

“Even though I got flour all over myself, it’s worth it to make my residents laugh,” said Tirrell.