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Over a dozen public relations students went home on March 31 to delete photos of Solo cups and long nights of partying from their Facebook accounts. “Reputation is everything” was a reoccurring phrase used during Hofstra University’s first regional Public Relations Student Society of America’s conference, “Back to Basics.” The event, which was open to anyone in the tri-state area, featured 25 speakers from the public relations industry, including author and consultant Fraser Seitel.

“The idea of Back to Basics was simply to remember what the fundamentals of public relations are all about,” said Jeffrey Morosoff, a public relations professor at Hofstra.

Between Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and countless other social media sites consuming professionals’ lives today, the organizers of this event feel it is important to be brought back to Earth every once in a while in the public relations industry.

There are 10 PRSSA conferences nationwide, and Hofstra invited members all PRSSA chapters from the east coast to attend its event. The day-long conference a networking lunch where students can meet with 40 people currently working in public relations.

Sarah Travaglini, a Hofstra student, felt the conference was a great success because, “students and professionals were able to talk in depth about the field of public relations outside the classroom.”